Fuzzy Humanist

Edy Portmann explains the connection between fuzzy logic and calculating with words and shows the difference between today's search engines and future question-answer systems. He explains how calculating with words serves as the basis of a human-machine symbiosis that leads to collective (urban) intelligence.


Life Engineering-

 Machine Intelligence and Quality of Life

The book “Life Engineering. Machine Intelligence and Quality of Life” is a humble attempt to collect and structure the existing knowledge. A resilient theory by far exceeds the capabilities of a single individual. I tried my best in the book, but hope to start a broader discussion and involve people from many disciplines to develop a more profound discipline. This website aims to enable an upcoming scientific and pragmatic discussion.


Digitalization in the finance sector

This book discusses a transformation in the banking sector that is as profound as industrialization once was in the production of physical goods. It leads not only to further automation of processes in banks themselves, but also to a change in the division of labor in the entire financial sector.