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Machine intelligence is on its way to transforming the fundamentals of our life. Internet traffic and trillions of sensors in households, cars, and wearables provide data that oligopolistic companies collect and use to extract patterns of human behavior. Based on that knowledge, active digital assistants are taking over more and more of our everyday decisions. We don´t sufficiently understand the implications, chances and risks. Developments like the shift of power from states to global companies, the meaning of privacy, new consumer options and influences, or the upcoming social scoring systems create chances and risks for human well-being.

We can leave the development of machine intelligence to the dominant mechanisms of sociotechnical evolution, i.e. capitalism, democracy, and other traditional coordination mechanisms, or take happiness into our own hands.


"Life Engineering"

The book

The book “Life Engineering. Machine Intelligence and Quality of Life” is a humble attempt to collect and structure the existing knowledge. A resilient theory by far exceeds the capabilities of a single individual. I tried my best in the book, but hope to start a broader discussion and involve people from many disciplines to develop a more profound discipline. This website aims to enable an upcoming scientific and pragmatic discussion.




Hubert Osterle ( (in German Österle) is professor emeritus of the University of St. Gallen.

University of St. Gallen

Alexandria (Person)


He has been instrumental in shaping the discipline of Business Engineering with educational programs (MBE) and many publications.

Alexandria (Publications)

Osterle transferred the scientific findings into business solutions and founded several enterprises in this field. He is still engaged in the CDQ AG (corporate data quality) and in the BEI-SG (Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen).


​In 2006, he changed the subject of his work from enterprises to people, from suppliers to consumers (Independent Living project) and summarized his findings in the book “Life Engineering. Machine Intelligence and Quality of Life”. He is now trying to attract young researchers to this new field.

Alexandria ( Independent Living)


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