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Life Engineering

Machine intelligence is on its way to transforming the fundamentals of our life. Internet traffic and trillions of sensors in households, cars, and wearables provide data that oligopolistic companies collect and use to extract patterns of human behavior. Based on that knowledge, active digital assistants are taking over more and more of our everyday decisions. We don´t sufficiently understand the implications, chances and risks. Developments like the shift of power from states to global companies, the meaning of privacy, new consumer options and influences, or the upcoming social scoring systems create chances and risks for human well-being.

We can leave the development of machine intelligence to the dominant mechanisms of sociotechnical evolution, i.e. capitalism, democracy, and other traditional coordination mechanisms, or take happiness into our own hands.


Latest Events


Life Engineering“ – Mehr Lebensqualität dank maschineller Intelligenz?”. Online Vortrag, frei auf YouTube verfügbar.


Vom Business Engineering zum Life Engineering Steigert die Digitalisierung unsere Lebensqualität?


Alternativen zu Life-Management à la Google


Homo Digitalis: Können uns Maschinen glücklich machen?


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